Mireia Serra


2022 Current Storyboard Supervisor at Silly Sundays (CARTOON SALOON)

2021-2022 Mint (CARTOON SALOON)

2018-2021 Former Storyboard teacher at Universitat La Salle Ramón Llull (Barcelona) and The Animation Workshop (Viborg)

2020 Karma’s World (BROWN BAG FILMS)

2019 Storyboards for:  Short Film “A Cat called Jam” of Lorraine Lordan. Christmas TV Special “The Lost Letter” (DREAM LOGIC). Chico Bon Bon (BROWN BAG FILMS). Teaser of “Fia’s Fairies” (LITTLE MOON ANIMATION). Pilot episode of “Pins and Nettie” (DAILY MADNESS PRODUCTIONS). Pilot episode of “The Huggingtons” ( KLIPP og LIM).

2018 Storyboard Supervisor of the 60 min TV Special of My Little Pony (BOULDER MEDIA)

2017 Sadie Sparks (CYBER GROUP)

Nov 2016. Winner of the Industry Excellence Award for Storyboarding for Puffin Rock, in the Manchester Animation Festival.

2016  Misha the Purple Cat season II  (TEIDEES AUDIOVISUALS). Vampirina (BROWN BAG FILMS).

2015 STB artist at Puffin Rock season II (DOG EARS / CARTOON SALOON). Storyboard revisionist for the feature film The Breadwinner (2 months) CARTOON SALOON. Storyboard for the teaser of My Brother the Minotaur, a project of Donal Mangan.

2014 Storyboard: Puffin Rock (CARTOON SALOON / DOG EARS). The Octonauts BROWN BAG FILMS.

2013 Sabrina, Secrets of a Teenage Witch (MOONSCOOP). Pumpkin Reports (MOTION PICTURES).

2012 Angry Birds Toons (ROVIO ENTERTAINMENT). Misha the Purple Cat season I (TEIDEES AUDIOVISUALS). Minty the Fairy (DIGITAL 360).

2010-2012 Ask Lara. Picnic With Cake. Groove High. (TOMAVISTAS)

2010-2011 Lila (CROMOSOMA). Pop Pixie (RAINBOW S.P.A.)

2008-2009 Asha (CROMOSOMA). Sam & Rupert (TRESDIM VIDEOGRAPHICS).

2006-2007 Papawa (BRB INTERNACIONAL)

2005-2006 Tom (CROMOSOMA). Douguie (NEPTUNO FILMS).

2004-2005 The Baby Triplets (CROMOSOMA). The Kikids. Edebits. (REDMOUSE FACTORY).

2000-2003 The Triplets. Juanito Jones. (Character’s development  & Storyboard)) (CROMOSOMA).

1999 Fantaghiró (BRB INTERNACIONAL).

1997-2000 Clean-up storyboard: Pocket Dragons. Fix und Foxi. Myths and Legends. Scruff (D’OCON FILMS). Los Chuquis (ANIMANDUS).