Mireia Serra

Karma’s World. Animatic to final episode

Angry Birds (Rovio 2012)

This is the test I did to get a job as story artist for the web series Angry Birds, for Rovio. It was about making up a situat

Octonauts season 4 (Brown Bag Films 2015)

My first time working for Brown Bag Films, in this very succesfull series for BBC. It was nice to work againg in a 3D project

Sabrina, Secrets of a Teenage Witch (Moonscoop 2013)

Working in this project was really a challenge to me. I jumped into this series with lots of action, 3D dynamic cameras and ma

Picnic with Cake (Tomavistas / Submarine / Walking the Dog 2011)

In 2011 I worked in this curious series based on the book of Thé Tjong-Khing, “Picnic with Cake”. There was a big

Misha the Purple Cat (Teidees 2012-2013)

Storyboard samples for the preschool series based on the children’s book character of Philip Stanton. My really first se

LILA (Cromosoma 2010-2011)

Storyboards from the series Lila, for Cromosoma (Director Jordi Muray) Mostra d’storyboards de la sèrie Lila, per a Cro

Groove High (Tomavistas 2010)

Samples of a project I worked in before it was suddenly stopped (it was produced after a while). Storyboards for a teen series

Fantaghiró. BRB Internacional (1999)

One of my first storyboards completely done by myself, after quite a long time working as a storyboard assistant. Una mostra d

The Triplets -Key layouts and rough boards- (Cromosoma 2012)

Some key layouts I did for the film of The Triplets (Cromosoma), unfortunately the project was cancelled. Alguns key layouts p

Minty The Fairy (Digital 360 2012)

Storyboards for the series Minty the fairy (Inercia Films and Digital 360)

Ask Lara (Tomavistas 2010)

Some storyboard samples for the series Ask Lara (Tomavistas). I also worked as storyboard supervisor. My first digital work

Juanito Jones (Charac Development & Stb, Cromosoma 2002-2003)

Amazing project working with an amazing artist (Gusti) I was supposed to be a storyboard artist but they decided to try me and

Pop Pixie (Rainbow S.P.A. 2011)

This job was quite challenging. It was a lot of work not only cause of the amount of characters in the scenes, but also cause